A holistic approach to health in Tägerwilen
Take time for your body, mind and soul.

Oujas is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘light’. It is an important word for me and is synonymous with strength and an enjoyment of life. As the name suggests, the Oujas holistic approach to health recognises the unity of body, mind and soul. I want to help you to understand pain and discomfort as the body’s language. I offer my clients the perfect combination of individual techniques and therapy plans.

Colon hydrotherapy

The gut is an independent entity that needs to make its own decisions. Find out more.


Learn more about bioresonance therapy and the effects it can have on our hormones.

Emotional level – Oujas – Tägerwilen


I offer homoeopathic treatments for all serious illnesses and chronic health conditions.

Oxygen oasis

Learn more about the major role our environment plays in causing stress on our body.

Oxygen oasis forest – Pavla Kengelbacher – Tägerwilen

Water station

Osmosis water ideally supports all of my therapies. Find out more.

Hormonal regulation – Oujas – Tägerwilen

Emotional training

Private sessions and workshops in small groups can remove difficult obstacles.

Pavla Kengelbacher – Oujas – Tägerwilen

About me

Learn more about the perfect combination of different therapies.


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