Vedic astrology

Meditation and ceremonies

During certain planetary constellations, especially once a month during the full moon, meditation and ceremonies take place at the temple in Kreuzlingen, which was built according to Vedic tradition.

I would like to invite you to experience this special evening at the temple as part of a small group. The special mantras chanted during these evenings are selected specifically for these events. Each full moon has a different quality and relationship to the planets. Each one has a theme.

Meditation has a particular intense effect during a full moon since the universal energy can be felt particularly strongly. You’ll be amazed at the healing effect of these evenings. The feedback, especially from afar, is very impressive.

You can sign up on the day of a full moon up until 12 noon. If you want to take part in meditation from a distance, I will need your birth information (place and date). Please register by email or SMS to tel. no. 079 700 02 07. I look forward to introducing you to a tradition from Vedic culture.

Programme and upcoming meditation dates, starting at 7:30 pm:

13 October : full moon

29 September – 7 October : Navaratri

25 to 29 October: Vedic New Year

Further dates to follow.

Spiritual journeys

Trips to India are individually planned. If required, I am also happy to accompany you to different ceremonies that are held under balance-restoring planetary influences and help us in life. These trips are planned based on your requirements, for individuals, couples or families.

Vedic astrology

Vedic astrology comes from India. It is also known as Jyotish, which translates as ‘science of light’, and originates in the Vedas, India’s sacred texts.
Vedic astrology uses the sidereal zodiac, and the difference from the western tropical zodiac is currently approximately 24°. Vedic astrology uses 27 nakshatras or lunar constellations (fixed stars). The dasha forecasting system is very solid and reliable. Consultations are led by a chayashastri or ‘shastriji’ living in India. He is one of the few masters (shastriji) of Jyotish still practising traditional Indian astrology. He offers meetings and consultations via Skype.

Vedic astrology helps us to achieve important life goals:

Dharma: shows our purpose in life

Artha: is taking personal responsibility

Kama: teaches us to consciously enjoy our life

Moksha: refers to liberation and release from old patterns

There are three different types of readings:

Personalised analysis of life

  • Designed to show us our calling and potential, our capabilities, and our strengths and weaknesses

Yearly overview

  • Contains tips on how to overcome the most difficult times of the year

Relationship analysis and compatibility

  • Helps us to better understand and accept our partner


All of our actions can have an effect on our current life. Meeting with one of India’s few genuine palm leaf astrologers takes us on a journey to one of our many past lives. Palm leaf astrology is passed down from father to son, just like the science of ‘Vedic astrology’, which requires 16 years of hard study. Only then do you start to collect your own experiences. Shastriji, ‘a master’ in Sanskrit, embodies the eight generations of his family tradition and holds sessions via Skype and in person all around the world. He has also recently begun visiting Switzerland. I will be happy to help you book sessions with him, which last for around two hours. I am very impressed by his work and have often found that Shastriji extends the session by one or two hours in order to give the person he is treating clarity. That’s why I’m happy to support his excellent work, which is from the heart.