Bioresonance therapy

All of the organs, cells and tissues in our body have different vibrations that affect one another. In combination they create each person’s individual pattern of vibrations.

Our physical world consists of vibrations. All things and beings, and every feeling in the known world, has a natural frequency, including all of the organs and cells in our body. We can also make effective use of these frequencies.

In the 1950s, German doctor R. Voll developed a diagnostic
electroacupuncture process used to perform measurements at particular points. Dr F. Morrell, a student of Voll, identified that information taken directly from the human body could be modulated and returned to the body in amended form. The first bioresonance device was created based on these findings.

Treatment costs

Treatment costs are based on the time taken to deliver the treatment. Health insurers that recognise ASCA registration or EMR will make a proportional contribution via the relevant supplementary insurance cover. You should
ideally contact your health insurer about this before the

CHF 120 per hour

For where and for who is the therapy used?

  • Chronic diseases
  • Children
  • Food allergies
  • Hay fever
  • Joint inflammation
  • Migraines
  • Asthma
  • Neurodermatitis
  • Digestive disorders

The bioresonance therapy process

Electrodes are placed on the patient and connected to the device with a cable. No electrical current is used! The therapist uses various tests to determine the required frequencies, modulates them and then sends them back to the body. As long as the different oscillating fields continue to work as they should, the person stays healthy. Different stresses and stimuli are balanced out. Only when these self-regulation forces become overburdened does a pathological process start to develop. Nowadays, our bodies are exposed to a range of negative influences, from poor nutrition, environmental toxins and medicines to scar interference fields or geopathic stresses.

Bioresonance promotes self-healing

The art of bioresonance therapy is in discovering the root causes of an illness. A special test process is used to find important information stored in the body. These findings are then used to put together therapeutic signals to help with the problem. They help the body to overcome the illness, expelling toxins and pathogens, dealing with emotional conflicts, or changing harmful patterns of thought, etc.