Cleansing process

I recommend the cleansing processes below for use in addition to CHT. CHT is recommended when undertaking any cleanse that triggers a detoxifying response in the body. With the addition of CHT, you can eliminate:

  • the hungry feeling that makes any change in diet difficult at the start,
  • common coffee withdrawal symptoms,
  • tiredness,
  • bloating.

It is worth following the instructions exactly for this type of cleanse. I will be happy to advise you in my practice.

Moritz liver and gallbladder cleanse

Andreas Moritz: The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse

A. Williams cleanse

Anthony Williams: Liver Rescue

Various treatments and diets

Buchinger, Mayer cure, Dr T Rau etc.


CHT is recommended alongside all therapeutic fasting. It is advisable to have your first session at the start of the dietary regime, since it alleviates the feeling of hunger and also helps with common coffee withdrawal symptoms. The second treatment then follows in the middle of the regime. When you are fasting, intestinal movements are very slow and toxins released from your body accumulate in your gut and re-enter the bloodstream via the capillaries. They travel back to the liver and you become tired rather than energised (which is the point of fasting). Common symptoms such as headaches or aching limbs are eliminated in the first few days. The third treatment should take place at the end of each fasting period. This ensures that most waste products have been expelled from the lymphatic system through the colon, which is the largest lymphatic organ.

Many people have pockets in their gut, which are the result of weak spots in the gut. This can be caused by gas and bloating or poor nutrition. Old material is left in these pockets. When I take laxatives for example, this doesn’t also automatically clean the intestinal wall. When I’m washing up in my kitchen, sometimes I leave something to soak. The debris is removed but deposits remain on the walls. We can compare it to the same problem with veins, but it can be a little more difficult to imagine for the gut. That’s why CHT is used as a kind of detox. It relieves the colon of the substances that the body expels into the gut. As the largest lymphatic organ, the colon removes waste products from the body and therefore from all lymphatic vessels. This can be combined with any lymphatic drainage.

What happens when you fast? Peristalsis almost stops completely and the intestines also no longer move waste substances so they go into the capillaries and are carried through the entire system again, burdening the liver system again until they finally reach the intestines. As a side effect, people often feel tired when they are fasting, have skin problems and may experience joint pain. The system is overburdened. Fasting has had the opposite effect to what you expected – but you can change that.

Body detox

Body detox is another cleansing process that I like to offer in my practice. It uses electrolysis to promote a stronger excretion response from the body. Ionised water has a very intense effect, which continues over a period of several days. Body detox is ideal for combining with CHT.

Gut restoration is very important after CHT. The restoration of intestinal bacterial flora is discussed with me and tailored to each individual based on the results of the special genetic laboratory analysis. It is very important to identify any permeability of the intestinal wall (leaky gut). Experience has shown that this is a very common problem, which can be distressing and is even seen in small children. These laboratory tests are worth their weight in gold when it comes to allergies and food intolerances, since allergies can be treated and brought under control very successfully. Birth by caesarean section is one of the most common causes of imbalance in a newborn’s gut bacteria. Breastfed infants are healthier than those who are bottle fed. Intestinal flora is just as important during childhood as it is in adults. Studies have shown that the intestinal flora of people with autism, for example, has a different composition.