Emotional training


It is helpful to understand the conditioning that we acquire from our environment in the first two years of our lives. This conditioning subconsciously shapes our thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

As a result, we again and again create the same resonance fields and situations for ourselves. I can help you to recognise and end this cycle.

Why is this necessary? Obstacles inhibit our natural life force and therefore influence our future. We avoid situations that have previously
had negative associations. Do you imagine repeating negative feelings from the past?

Think about whether such obstacles are shaping your present and
your future: self-doubt, anger, resentment, dissatisfaction with yourself and others, sadness, traumatic experiences.

Overcoming obstacles

  • Remove obstacles due to fear of failure
  • Fear of professional rejection
  • Test anxiety
  • Work through relationship traumas

What do we want?

  • We want to feel comfortable in our daily lives and free to fulfil our potential
  • Free yourself from emotional obstacles such as fear, trauma and self-doubt
Emotional training – Oujas – Tägerwilen

Treatment costs

Treatment costs are based on the time taken to deliver the treatment. Sessions via Skype are also possible.

CHF 120 per hour

Overcoming obstacles

Obstacles lead to long-term stress that can cause health issues in the body. Scientists have come up with the new name ‘psychoneuroendocrinology’. This comprises several disciplines that affect one another. It is also no wonder that this general state of exhaustion means that you are never far from a burn-out.

Have you experienced this? Something isn’t right in your body but all of the tests come back clear. Medically speaking, you are healthy. No specific medical diagnosis can be given. There are always several factors that affect your energy and cause a state of exhaustion. In my practice, I address the following three factors to promote a healthy body:

  • Mental stability = emotional stability
  • A balanced, healthy gut
  • The energy of organs and meridians

All three of these types of therapy are best used as preventative therapies for the corresponding illnesses. However, they also help to restore good health. Time and patience are essential on the road to recovery. After all, we gave the chronic condition time to slowly develop! Please also give the therapist time to help you.