Homoeopathy, known as a gentle system of medicine, was developed by Samuel Hahnemann, a German doctor and chemist, around 250 years ago. Dissatisfied with the limited options offered by the medicine available at the time, he looked at how an illness could be cured and what health and therefore illness mean.

He came to the conclusion that there is a vital force (dynamis) (chi/prana) in the body, which acts as its life-giving element and without which our bodies would simply be a cluster of dead matter. This life force can be compared with a vital energy (soul?) flowing through all of our cells and allowing them to fulfil their function.

If this flow of energy is disrupted, the life force falls out of balance and the affected cells can no longer fully perform their function. Symptoms are manifested – this is the illness.

Samuel Hahnemann concluded that restoring the equilibrium of the vital force would treat the symptoms and cure the illness. He based his specially developed remedies on the principle of dilution and dynamisation (potentisation). This principle means that, to produce a medicinal effect, the substances are energised through dilution and shaking so that their energy can have optimum effect.

To offer the optimum homoeopathic treatments, it is therefore necessary to determine when the life force fell out of balance. Ideally, the specific time the complaint began should be identified.


I offer homoeopathic treatment for all serious and most chronic illnesses, since these treatments can enable the long-term regeneration of the metabolism/hormonal balance. Many people can treat acute cases, such as injury, themselves with homoeopathic remedies. Who hasn’t heard of arnica and its impressive effects? Homoeopathic treatment helps to restore balance and stabilise the body.

Homoeopathy – Oujas – Tägerwilen

There are many possible causes of a disturbance of the vital force. It could be due to a traumatic physical or psychological event that subsequently causes chronic illness, prolonged low-level exposure to toxic materials at work, or long-term hormone or medical treatments. Infectious diseases can also cause an imbalance in the the immune system and therefore the vital force in the long term: ‘Ever since I had the flu, I haven't fully recovered’. Our individual genetic disposition also plays an important role in the development of illnesses – we cover this when taking your medical history by asking about serious illness among your parents/grandparents, such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, hypertension (a family tree of illnesses). I use all of these pieces of the puzzle, combined with your individual symptoms, to put together the optimum homoeopathic strategy to help you on your individual path to recovery.

We will need around 2–2.5 hours for this initial consultation.