Hormones ‘guide’ us through life. They are chemical messengers that transmit information in the body. Hormones are used in every situation and have a holistic effect on our psyche and our body. Our entire metabolism is influenced by our hormonal balance. The hormonal system is extremely complex and we cannot separate the polarities.

We all know that women have a masculine side and men have a feminine side. Combined, the polarities give us unity and wholeness.

Our hormonal system is highly sensitive and reacts to the smallest changes in hormonal balance. A range of different factors can disrupt the finely balanced concentration of hormones.

Hormonal regulation can have a positive effect on:
    • Sugar metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism
    • Fat metabolism
    • Protein metabolism and allergies
    • Menstrual cycle (menopause, perimenopause, postmenopause and associated complaints)
    • Male menopause (reduction of testosterone in a man, often associated with psychosocial pressures and stress)
    • Thyroid disorders
    • Osteoporosis
    • and much more

    How does stress build up and how is it relieved? What effect do emotions such as anxiety, anger or love have? What role does healthy intestinal flora play in this? What does this have to do with electromagnetic pollution? Bioresonance therapy opens up the opportunity to stimulate or reduce hormones. This is not about the hormones released – just an increase or reduction in the sensitivity of receptors is a significant step forward in this complex system. Health problems and ‘metabolic blocks’ have seen an increase in recent years. Non-aggressive therapies are therefore increasing in importance as alternative treatments. The need for natural alternatives can be determined through laboratory tests, conducted in collaboration with a doctor if needed. Saliva, urine and blood samples can be analysed and the results allow us to develop a personalised therapy plan.

    The wide range of effects is all the more important given that all endocrine glands are connected to the central nervous system. This once again shows the importance of a holistic approach to therapy, affecting not only the metabolism but also the hormonal system. Bioresonance therapy can help as a complementary treatment for complaints from premenstrual syndrome to burn-out.

    Stress / exhaustion / emotional fatigue / memory problems

    All of these symptoms are related to the intestines at a material level. In other words, the stress hormones that are distributed when we are under long-term stress substantially change our intestinal flora. Around 80% of the ‘happiness hormone’ serotonin is produced in the intestines. When the intestinal flora changes, the hormonal system in our bodies also changes as a result. Chronic fatigue often occurs together with fibromyalgia. Prolonged exposure to stress causes adrenal exhaustion resulting from cortisol deficiency. The body needs help on an emotional, mechanical and chemical level. A targeted approach is needed in order to rectify the situation, which also includes our lifestyle. This can be corrected naturally without hormonal supplements with orthomolecular substances, usually in high doses.