Water station

Water as if from a mountain spring for my patients

I use the best osmosis systems and the best water filters in my practice. All of my clients have the option to take a can of ionised water home with them.

What’s really special about ionised

water is its detoxifying effect on our cells.

Many people are familiar with the images of Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto. He wanted to use his images to prove that water is alive. Every drop of water has its own structure, which can change according to its surroundings. Images of water crystals, in clean water or with classical music playing, create stunning photographs. He also photographed droplets of polluted water that had been exposed to heavy rock music or negative words under a microscope. The images are very impressive! Masaru Emoto also recommended this water system as one of the best systems.

Osmosis water offers the ideal support for all of the therapies that I use in my practice. Our drinking water increasingly contains harmful substances such as chemicals, medicines, hormones, agricultural fertilisers and pesticides. Heavy metals can also be found in water. I therefore believe it is important to offer my patients good water in combination with my therapy. This is a subject so close to my heart that I am working on my own project to learn more about water and the risks to our body.

Masaru Emoto: The Hidden Messages in Water; The True Power of Water; The Shape of Love; Water Crystal Healing